Friday, June 19, 2009

Lee Morgan - Cornbread

Lee Morgan
Blue Note Records, 1965

Track list:
1. Cornbread
2. Our Man Higgins

1. Ceora
2. Ill Wind
3. Most Like Lee

I figured I would start with a classic for my first post and this Lee Morgan jewel for Blue Note is definitely that. Lee Morgan was something of a trumpet prodigy, turning in stints with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band before turning 21. 'Cornbread' is one of Morgan's post-heroin comeback records for Blue Note and showcases his hard-bop style well, especially on 'Our Man Higgins'. My favorite track, however, is 'Ceora'. It's an almost Bossa-nova piece, with Herbie Hancock's delicate yet evocative playing providing the highlight of the album.

This is a record you could easily define as swinging, in the original sense of the term. Rather than "swinging" in the shitty, retro, taking the movie "Swingers" literally sense...Or the weird sexual dalliance sense either, although this wouldnt be the worst soundtrack ever for that. Ahem.

Legendary/Tragic Aspect: At 33, Lee Morgan was shot in the chest and killed by his old lady between sets at a club.

Availability: Easy to find on CD or Vinyl.

RIYL: Jazz, Miles Davis, John Coltrane (check out Morgan's solo on 'Blue Train'), Warmth, Tone, Style

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